He who does not love does not know GOD, for GOD is Love. 1 John 4:8

Happy Valentine”s Day!

We hope you all are making plans to acknowledge those you love and care for with an encouraging gesture from you heart, expecially those of you who are married.  Don”t take your spouse for granted.  But more importantly, we always want to remember the one who is the source  of love and is love Himself,  God our Father. His love is supernatural love.

We can”t give this love when we don”t know God intimately.  If you think you”re in love, go to His Word to make sure you”re not in lust.  When you know God, He gives you the ability to love the way He loves, unconditionally, selflessly, timelessly in a covenant not under a contract.  When you”re able to experience his love and share it with others, is when you can begin to understand His love for you.  It”s amazing.

We pray that you can partake of God”s love, His everlasting love that continues beyond Valentine”s Day!  God Bless……………Traci