I have been told by so many of my patients that they are planning to start their diet come first of the year.  When I asked them why the procrastination, many of them responded with the excuse that the “holidays are here.”   Ladies…….there are only 2 holidays coming up…Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Yes, this is the season for scrumptious eating and sweets, BUT WHY DO YOU WANT TO GAIN 10 POUNDS BEFORE YOU START YOUR DIET???? Really, 2 holi”days”…..hand full of parties but do you really have to sabotage any efforts in trying to start healthy habits.  You can start being healthy and focused on proper diet and exercise  NOW!!!!!

Come join us for a lecture by Andrea W. a registered nutritionist/dietician and diabetic counselor who has been a guest speaker for our “Heal*Thy Women, Healthy You Group and was absolutely fabulous!  She was not only entertaining but incredibly informative!  She offered some very helpful tips and advice that was enlightening and encouraging.

November 14th, 2011, Monday @ 8:30 pm at the office for Women For Women Health Care in the Lobby/Waiting Room.  No charge….bring a friend or family member or just show up!  We will be happy to share this important information so that we can all be a healthier group of women.  God wants the best for us including a well cared for temple.  Learn to take care of your body for all the many different reasons we need to.  Hope and pray that we see you all soon.