Patient Testimonials

My experience in having the Da Vinci surgery was everything Dr. Anoina said it would be. During my consultation visit, she thoroughly explained everything about the surgery to me. After I left her office, I was confident that this would be the best thing for me to do. Right before surgery, Dr. Anoina was at my side holding my hand and making sure I was okay. Dr. Anoina is the Best Doctor Ever! Because she truly cares about her patients and always makes you feel comfortable. She is someone very Special! And I am proud to have her as my doctor. Overall, healing time was fast and I had very little pain; and I was back to work in six (6) weeks feeling better than ever before. I highly recommend the Da Vinci Robotics Surgery.


I don’t know what to say to deserve Dr. Anoina because she is so above and beyond words. She is the greatest — above the norm, and more than that. She has been angelically touched by the highest power, and that is God. She works above and beyond the norm. I was told by my cardiologist that this procedure would be a risk because of the condition of my heart. However, God saw fit to let this doctor perform the Robotics Da Vinci Surgery on me without encountering any difficulties whatsoever, and before the surgery, she made me feel quite comfortable and relaxed. I have recovered (without any complications) quite well.
This one sheet of paper is not nearly enough to give my testimony. However, I praise God for giving me such a surgeon for this procedure. And I would recommend her to anyone, anywhere, anytime and any place. Her angelic hands touched my human form, and a miracle from God was performed.
Dr. Dorothy Anoina definitely deserves the highest humanistic phrase and honor any individual can possibly receive.
A patient
P.S. I wrote many pages about her and had to make myself shorten it. 
I am relatively young for a hysterectomy (37), and have had several issues, so having yet another surgery was frightening to me. Dr. Anoina was very reassuring and informative from the consultation all the way through the recovery. Because of my past history, Dr. Anoina was not sure if the Da Vinci was possible for me, but she and her staff prayed for me in the Operating Room before my surgery. Then Dr. Anoina held my hand while I went under. I woke up in the recovery room, sore and cold, but grateful to learn that the surgery was a success. 
I healed without any issues, minimal scarring, or pain. I was home the next day! I would recommend this procedure and especially this doctor to anyone for whom a hysterectomy has been recommended. Thank you Dr. Anoina for pioneering this procedure and continuing to go above and beyond for your patients!

What can I say? A year later and I’m still amazed how “uneventful” the surgery was! When Dr. Anoina first mentioned the Da Vinci Robotics Surgery, I was apprehensive but trusting in her so much. I know it was for me. Dr. Anoina, her partner and support team are the best I have known. The confidence they inspire, take away and reduce the fears of surgery. 
After the surgery, I felt just “too good”, and I am still waiting for the old wives’ tales everyone seems to have for you when you mention having surgery to happen. 
I was up walking, truly had no pain (just a few twinges), no bleeding etc. I followed the post-operation instructions and was at a show at Second City in two weeks.  
I thank Dr. Anoina for caring about her patients enough, and for continuing to learn in order to give the patients the very best care. The Da Vinci Surgery is surely one procedure that is such a benefit.
I’m very thankful that I’m one of the patients. She is a true blessing! 
My experience at surgery with Dr. Anoina was a very positive one. She made me feel as though I was part of her family. I felt that she knew what she was doing, and I trusted her fully. 
My experience after surgery was unbelievable. I did not expect to feel well so fast. For some reasons, I expected the whole process to be a very painful and uncomfortable process. Dr. Anoina was there to talk to me after my surgery, and she didn’t leave me until she felt that my pain and whatever I needed was taken cared of. 
I would recommend the Robotics Surgery to anyone who is about to undergo hysterectomy. Minimal pain, minimal scarring. I was very impressed with the whole process. I don’t know why I didn’t have it done much sooner! 
Dr. Anoina puts God first, and that makes a big difference in the care that she gives. What an excellent doctor! 

Having Surgery with the Da Vinci Robot was one of my best experience thus far. When I went for post surgical visit, my incisions were just about healed. I also returned back to work two (2) days after my surgical procedure. 
The Da Vinci Robotic Surgery is Awesome! I love it! 
Dr. Anoina is beyond the best and an excellent specialist. She really cares from her heart for all of her clients. She made me feel very very comfortable about doing this Robotics Surgery. 
The surgery was very very easy and I healed quickly and fast. I was amazed about my recovery. I would do Robotic Surgery again if need be. 
Thank you Dr. Anoina!
Dr. Anoina is a wonderful surgeon. She worked with me to explain the procedure, both good and bad, and answered all the questions before performing the procedure. She is so down to earth and most of all, she cares about you as a patient. I like the way she carries herself and care for me. 
Congrats Dr. Anoina for your 100th Da Vinci Robotics Surgery!
My name is J.A.E. and I was the first to experience a hysterectomy surgery performed by Dr. Anoina using Da Vinci. I was surprised by Da Vinci’s size and a little intimidated, but was extremely grateful after the surgery. My incisions were so small that I barely see them now, and my recovery time was minimal. There was less pain than I expected afterwards. 
I would highly recommend this to any woman needing a procedure done. Dr. Anoina is an awesome doctor and Da Vinci Robotics is the best! 
Thank you Dr. Anoina! 
I had a great experience! When Dr. Anoina told me about the surgery, I was not sure about it. But after she explained the surgery to me, I was excited. She really is a great doctor. They way she explained to me — it went smooth — just like she said it would. If I had to do it again, only Dr. Anoina could do my surgery; and I have referred women to her. She is the best Gynecologist I ever met!
I had my surgery in 2009. Dr. Anoina was very thorough in her explanation of the surgery and the recovery period. Since this was my first experience having surgery, I was a bit nervous and apprehensive about the whole thing. 
I arrived at the hospital at 6:00am and was very satisfied with the courtesy and professionalism of the staff at the hospital. My surgery went a bit longer than expected due to the size of the fibroid. After waking up from surgery, I was very surprised that I had no pain whatsoever. I was up walking later in the evening, eating solid foods, and feeling great! I went home the very next day, and was out talking with my neighbor “over the fence” by 3:00pm. After talking with her for about half an hour, she casually asked when I was having surgery. When I explained to her that I had surgery the previous day, she was totally amazed. 
My recovery time went great and I had no problems and did not have to take any type of pain medication. Not even an Aspirin. 
Dr. Anoina called a couple of times after the surgery to see if I had any questions or concerns. Truly a caring and dedicated doctor! 
I would not have any hesitations about recommending this procedure to anyone.
I am happy to be in the 100th Number. Dr. Anoina gained my trust just knowing she puts God first in her life. 
My surgery went well, and so did my healing. I truly thank God and Dr. Anoina for a successful procedure and the Robotic Da Vinci.
My experience with Da Vinci Robotic Surgery was great. There was “no pain”, and hardly any scarring. Recovery time was cut in half and I was back to normal fast. As for D. Anoina, I can’t say enough. I have been her patient for about 13 years. Both of my kids were delivered by her, upon many other things. Dr. Anoina is so loving and caring. Treats you like a friend, more then the “Typical Patient”. I would highly recommend the Robotic Surgery and her to anyone. Number 1 Doctor! 

I guess I would describe my experience as refreshing. No staples, sutures, or large cut in my stomach. The best part was going home the next day. I was worried about not having my family for quite a while because of a long stay in the hospital.
I thank Dr. Anoina for taking the time to explain the procedure and giving me the greatest surgery experience I’ve ever had. Again, thank you Dr. Anoina!
Dr. Anoina treated me with the Da Vinci for a fibroid that I had. She fully informed me of what to expect. There was a chance she couldn’t do it because of my weight, but she managed to overcome this obstacle and did an outstanding job. I had very little pain afterwards. I was able to walk the same day. Dr. Anoina’s bedside manner, along with her skills and knowledge cannot be surpassed. She is truly blessed and highly favored. I was afraid of using this new technique. But now I am glad I did.
I underwent Da Vinci Robotics Surgery for hysterectomy and was under the care of Dorothy R. Anoina, M.D. 
My experience was excellent. I truly recommend the Da Vinci Surgery for the best recovery times, less risk of complication and virtually painless. 
I continued to feel great months after the procedure. Thanks to all the staff at Women for Women Health Care and Advocate South Suburban Hospital. 
Foremost, special thanks to Dr. Dorothy Anoina, who’s bedside manner is like no other!
I am very pleased to write about the excellent care and procedure performed on me under Dr. Anoina’s case. I was apprehensive about undergoing hysterectomy because of the unknown. But Dr. Anoina did a wonderful job. I quickly recovered, and very well, due to her meticulous expertise of the Da Vinci Hysterectomy that was performed on me. And I would recommend her to anyone deciding this procedure. 
P.S. She is the epiphany of professionalism and proficiency in her field.

When I first heard of the Da Vinci Robotics Surgery, my first thought was that this isn’t for me. 
After my consultation with Dr. Anoina, I was convinced that she knew best. 
I was very pleased with Dr. Anoina. The surgery was a success. I was free from pain, free from post-operation complications and I experienced a speedy recovery. 
I am so grateful for Dr. Anoina’s knowledge and love for medicine. Moreover, I am grateful that Dr. Anoina introduced the Robotics Surgery.  
My testimony is that Dr. Anoina is an excellent doctor. The assurance that she had successfully performed so many of the Da Vinci Robotics Surgeries before me, made me have the trust that she would and did do a great job in performing this surgery on me. At no time was I in severe pain, and the recovery period was very short. I was given pain medications, but thank God, I didn’t need to take even one dose of those medicines. 
Dr. Anoina is very thorough in reading test results and in explaining what needs to be done if there is a problem. She counseled me before and I’m sure she prayed for me during the surgery. She had been there for me after the surgery and during follow up visits with directions and guidance. 
I just want to say, “Thank you Dr. Anoina for being my doctor…such a great doctor that I believe in and trust. May God continue to bless you Dr. Anoina in a special way such that you may continue doing what you do well. 

I experienced absolutely no pain and/or very little discomfort. Furthermore, on the same day of the surgery, I got up that evening and started walking with little or no aid. my family and I was amazed at my agility for moving and getting around after such a major surgery. My recovery was swift with no setbacks. 
Thank you God. Thank you Dr. Anoina.